About Madeleine

I write poetry that focuses on the spiritual nature of existence, family life and the natural world. The poems arise from meditation and self-inquiry where everyday living is the practice of presence.

Writing chose me from an early age. I studied journalism and English literature at The University of Queensland and worked as a print journalist and sub-editor. The vocations of marriage and motherhood honed me in life’s challenges and wonders; parenting became a profound spiritual learning.

Raised a Catholic, I explored the depth and beauty of Christian mysticism, Sufism and Buddhism and have been a student of the Diamond Approach since 2002. The Diamond Approach is a modern spiritual path that utilises the practices of the ancient wisdom traditions together with the understandings of Western depth psychology.

I have brought my care and attentiveness to human suffering into my work as a hospital chaplain.

For much of my life, poetry has been a private expression. I am now publishing my poetry with the wish that it will help readers towards deeper understanding, peace and mindfulness in their daily lives.

May we together respect the land on which we walk.