The Heart’s Curtain

The Heart’s Curtain

In The Heart’s Curtain, Madeleine Onraet releases poems emerging from years of meditation and inquiry into the nature of suffering. Her insights arise from looking deeply into moments of everyday life. In her search to understand who we truly are, Madeleine finds a path that brings peace, presence and love. Every moment is an invitation towards truth.


We have such need
to climb
into the darkness
of ourselves.
How else
are we to learn
what it is
our hearts
most seek?
Stars form
in the arms
of deep

“To-the-core simplicity, and a tenderness that lives right inside the directness. Some echoes of Rumi, Kabir. And yet, her own fresh voice. These poems are blessings I will return to again and again.” — Joyce Kornblatt, novelist and former Professor of Literature and Creative Writing, University of Maryland, USA

“There is a crisp beauty that touches the heart, and an insistent invitation to remember who we really are.” — Jean Berwick, Founding Teacher of Diamond Approach Australia Diamond Approach Australia

“Madeleine expresses the transformative journey of her Soul in these heartfelt poems.  She shares her personal inquiry through deep inner Truths. Her poetry will touch many hearts.” — Sister Johanna SeubertFSPA Spiritual Director and Retreat Facilitator, the Christine Center, Willard, Wisconsin